Rack up the views and join the modern-day Billionaire Boys Club

What do snakes and coffee have to do with programming, anyway?

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Inexplicably poor design choices from the music-streaming behemoth.

Spotify’s iconic green logo. Image: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

A better, smarter way to organize your browser bookmarks

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The future is wireless, and it’s closer than you think

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Django on Rails in a Flask with a Vue of Laravel and Hadoop

the words const name= “Django” on a black screen
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The 20 biggest headlines from an otherwise forgettable year

Some more tips and tricks for everyone’s favorite editor

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Inspired by the infamous left-handed oil test

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Oh, how times have changed…

The original AirPods. Photo by Harpal Singh on Unsplash

“ AirPods feel very much like a first draft…I cannot get them to stay in my ears for long periods of time.”

“Ultimately the AirPods end up disappointing…for that kind of money we think that you can find better products elsewhere.”

Jeffrey Huang

Sometimes writing, usually coding, always learning. Computer Engineering student at UWaterloo. https://jzxhuang.com

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